Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dell Inspiron Mini !!!


For those who really like mini stuff, maybe this kind of notebook is the best selection for your you!!! I just found this on the the forums and its only cost about $299 only !!!

I never see the notebook before and I think it havn't laucnh in Malaysia yet. So, from the review from the video below, I learn something about the Dell Inspiron Mini ....

Dell Inspiron Mini is lighter, smaller and compact than Asus. The keyboard key are more smaller so maybe got a little bit difficult for typing. The Dell inspiron Mini also have the nice speaker sound because the speaker is facing down and this will help to enlarge the sound.

Dell here add some user interface to let us to easily to access what you want. The pre-loader icon are more bigger due to the small screen. You even can switch the interface of the notebook from the easy mode to the laptop mode just click one icon !!!


From the forum, many people were excited of this notebook. Here the video I want to share with you about this Dell new netbook :-

I cant post the video here besause youtube just disable the code but I still can post the link here
Check it if you got time . Thank :>

Saturday, February 21, 2009 Vs

Well, I visit both of the brand laptop and this is the comparison that i have made.

Acer website is kind of boring compare to Dell, nothing special that caught my attention . Acer website is really boring and colour-less compare to Dell .... No much item on the 1st page of .... -.-

Dell is different . The colour and layout made me want to read more. The data is more organize compare with Acer. Left hand side got 1 bar that will narrow your search of you preference laptop specification. Example like weight, the screen size , graphic capability ....

I like this part when Dell really categorize they laptops into music, movie , multitask , gaming and more. If you are more into gaming, laptop that suggest by Dell will be more emphasis in graphic card , gaming mouse and etc ... That made life easy for people like me ( not very understand computer ).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dell for Assignment

Hi ! I am Lim Mingqin ( student ID 1061103202 ) a student that student Bachelor of Marketing Management in MMU. This is my Gama year and I hope i can gradute in time. Blogging as a project/assignment.... This is new for me ...
Hm ... Honestly I really not very sure I choosing the right product for my blogging assignment. Just I was thinking what product should I blog, lecturer mentioned about DELL .... So that come the title of my blog >.<

Dell have build a strong brand name among personal computers and other computer-related products.Dell have not store and its depend all their sale by online. Well, the most important factor of buying a laptop is the warranty. Dell has the best support and warranty around. They care about after-purchase than other laptop brand around. Price is consider ok and also not that expensive compare with Apple or Sony.

Demand is different for different people so the best thing about Dell is you can customized your own computer with all the way you like !!! ( Almost all ;) )
Like Dell always say, yours is here !!!