Thursday, April 23, 2009

who you gonna call ?

Ah, I finally have a chance to call Dell service line ( why I feel happy when my laptop got problem ? ) . And Dell customer support is so good until I will confirm purchase with Dell again !!!

Is kind of f**k up when I have to wait for Dell support center to pick up my phone because all the line operator are serving other people else. So I finally have the chance to talk with the operator, I tell her my display card got problem , and she ask me to perform some simply test like holding Fn Key and D together to confirm what actually happened to my laptop.

After the test, she tell me that she will order my laptop part right now and the maybe the technician will come to me by tomorrow ( wow, that's fast !!! )

So, tomorrow the technician did come and help me fix my laptop while I eating chocolate and watching television beside him. Before, he come he call me for confirm with me with the time and he sms me before he want to come to make sure I will be around when he reach.

After an hour or less, he finish and I just bye bye at him. See, I no need wait for days just to send my laptop to the factory or computer shop to fix it. I also don't need to step out from my house instead of waiting the technician to my house for the service.

This is make me so admire with Dell customer service after this experience. By the way, sorry for no picture on this blog,... Damn, I should take picture when the technician cut my laptop apart ...